10 Mile Partners with Planetek & Offers Rheticus® Network Alert

We are pleased to announce that we are working with our founding partner Planetek Italia to offer Rheticus Network Alert to US and Canadian customers.  Planetek has many years of experience building innovative operational intelligence solutions for the infrastructure industry.  We are excited about Planetek’s vision and approach to the market, and are partnering with them because:

  • Planetek has time-tested solutions that are proven to add value for infrastructure customers. 
  • Planetek works closely with customers across Europe to develop their products and prove value.  They have had significant success, and have built a strong and loyal customer base within and outside of Europe.
  • Planetek is innovative and nimble, able to quickly develop new solutions in several weeks to ensure they meet customer needs as new problems arise.

“10 Mile Solutions is essential to deliver Rheticus® services to professionals and decision-makers in a very important market. I’m sure our customers in the USA and Canada will be delighted by the professional skills of the 10 Mile team” said Giovanni Sylos Labini, CEO of Planetek Italia.

The Rheticus Network Alert platform provides insight into the integrity of water and sewer networks. It helps organizations optimize operations and maintenance activities and improves the cost-effective management of networks, allowing customers to easily detect ground movement, prevent potential failures and better organize network inspections.  Today, the Rheticus Network Alert platform monitors over 42,000 miles (70,000 km) of water and wastewater pipelines.

As a focused provider of operational intelligence solutions for the North American market, 10 Mile is pleased to partner with Planetek Italia and excited to offer Rheticus Network Alert to help water and wastewater organizations improve the efficiency of pipeline inspections and maintenance.