10 Mile Solutions – Open for Business

The Idea

The idea for 10 Mile Solutions came to me during my last international business trip of 2019.  For over 20 years, I have been conducting international business, building partnerships and creating friendships all over the world.  As I sat at the conference table talking to a company in Europe, two things became clear to me: this company had a product that was very successful and this company had not yet entered the US market.  After talking to several other companies from across the globe, I understood that there was a need to solve real problems for two very different constituencies: 

  • Small businesses overseas which want to enter the North American market
  • Organizations here in North America that need tested and proven solutions to help solve their operational problems

At 10 Mile Solutions we deliver Operational Intelligence Solutions to help industries improve efficiency, reduce risk and lower costs.

The Foundation

A series of phone calls and meetings resulted in signing with our founding partners, Planetek and McKenzie Intelligence Services (MIS), two companies which had exactly what we were looking for:

  • Proven solutions with a focused customer base and real value
  • Success in home regions, with a significant customer base
  • Positioning for growth and expansion

With our founding partners, we offer a portfolio of Operational Intelligence Solutions:

  • Rheticus Network Alert from Planetek provides an early warning of potential infrastructure failure to improve efficiency in maintenance, inspection and operations activities.
  • Insurance Intelligence Solutions from MIS support activities during and after catastrophic events to improve efficiency in Claims, Exposure Management, and Reinsurance operations.

Open for Business

Equipped with a portfolio of solutions that solve real world operational problems, we are now focusing on our customers.  We are excited to open our doors for business and to offer a truly unique set of Operational Intelligence Solutions that are proven to improve efficiency, reduce risk and lower costs.

During these uncertain times, we have asked ourselves if now is the time to start a new business.  The answer is an emphatic “yes”. In fact, we are more energized than ever and we know that now is the best time to be offering these types of solutions.  Solutions that improve efficiency and lower costs; solutions that allow organizations to get more done remotely, whether from the office or from the home; and solutions that help organizations navigate uncertainty and prepare for the future.

At 10 Mile we are always looking for new ideas.  We see the broad view of operational networks, and we connect this broad view with detailed information.  We help our customers improve some of their most challenging operational problems, manage uncertainty and prepare for the future.