Rheticus® Network Alert

Rheticus® Network Alert

Rheticus® Network Alert provides insight into the integrity of water and sewer networks. It helps organizations optimize operations and maintenance activities and improves the cost-effective management of networks, allowing customers to easily detect ground movement, prevent potential failures and better organize network inspections.

The use of traditional techniques for periodic monitoring of wide areas and large pipeline networks requires considerable economic and time resources.  A lack of predictive information about potential failures results in the inefficient use of inspection and maintenance resources. 


  • Improve workforce efficiency by identifying areas with a high likelihood of failure to prioritize inspection and maintenance activities
  • Reduce time and cost to inspect and repair infrastructure – before major failure events occur
  • Freshly updated information of wide area networks (with historical data available) provides a comprehensive view of the entire system without leaving your desk

“The availability of fresh information on ground, building, and infrastructure stability in an easy-to-use dynamic dashboard ensures timely and informed decisions on the management of our valuable infrastructure. Instead of spending time analyzing data, we can focus on inspecting and fixing problems before they become disasters, saving money and keeping citizens safe and happy.” 

– Hera spokesperson

Technology Overview

Rheticus® Network Alert uses artificial intelligence to predict pipeline failures by combining satellite technology with ground-based activity information.  We deliver easy to understand and actionable information to identify areas with a high likelihood of failure due to millimeter scale ground movements that impact the integrity of pipeline networks.


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