Insurance Solutions

Insurance Solutions from 10 Mile

Our insurance solutions support activities during and after catastrophic events to improve efficiency in Claims, Exposure Management and Reinsurance operations.  Our dynamic insurance dashboards track events as they unfold in near real time to provide the most timely and accurate insight into the actual impact on the ground, allowing insurance personnel to make faster and more accurate decisions.

  • Pay claims faster and more accurately, improve customer service and retention
  • Improve the speed and accuracy of exposure reserves
  • Understand event timeline complexity and the situation on the ground to better manage claims impacts at the portfolio level and reinsurance payments

Our offering covers all major natural catastrophes on a global basis, including: Hurricanes, Wildfires, Floods, Earthquakes and Tornadoes, as well as geopolitical events and pandemics.

Our Insurance Offering:

COVID-19 Dashboard

Improve travel, contingency and business interruption claims operations with an up to date timeline of global COVID-19 responses to improve accuracy and timeliness of claims response.

Nat Cat Dashboard

Improve insurance operations during and after natural catastrophes with the most accurate and timely damage assessment to more efficiently and cost effectively process claims, manage reserves and improve customer service.