COVID-19 Dashboard

The COVID-19 Intelligence Dashboard

The COVID-19 Intelligence Dashboard provides a single source of truth for the spread of COVID-19 and its associated impacts.  Whether you are processing claims for business interruption, denial of access, event contingency and liability or any other class of business, the COVID-19 Intelligence Dashboard provides a dynamic view of up-to-date and historical regulation and restrictions to businesses, travel and people across the world.  With an expected large influx of COVID-19 related claims, insurance teams that are themselves impacted by restrictions can use the Dashboard to provide the trusted claims service that is central to the industry.

Relying on inconsistent search engine results and trawling back over time through the huge number of sources slows down the claims process.  Using one interactive, meticulously catalogued version of the truth means a trusted resource which will result in a reduction in expert spend and claims processing costs, litigation, as well as increased customer satisfaction.  The COVID-19 Dashboard solves these problems, with detailed information on:

  • The spread of the virus
  • Travel restrictions, social measures and quarantine orders
  • The restrictions and closures forced on businesses, schools, leisure facilities, manufacturing, construction, transport and services
  • Cancelled events


  • Process claims faster and more accurately using a single source of truth
  • Improve customer service with consistent claims results
  • Inform decision making and add to file of evidence

“Thanks to the detailed intelligence we’re gathering from our trusted team of experts in both claims processes and infectious disease mapping and response, we hope to make an important difference to claims teams and exposure managers as they continue to map the impact of COVID-19.” 

– Forbes McKenzie, CEO McKenzie Intelligence Services


  • County Level Information
  • Emergency, Social & Economic measures
  • Virus counts

COVID-19 Global

  • Country Level Information
  • Travel restrictions, Cancelled events, Social & Economic measures
  • Virus counts

Technology Overview

The MIS team is comprised of ex-military intelligence all-source analysts with decades of experience in infectious disease mapping and response, including mapping the spread of Cholera, Ebola and Diphtheria.  The team has combed the world’s information sources to curate the most up to date and accurate database representing the spread of COVID-19 and the associated impacts. Combining this dataset with years of insurance industry experience, and a close partnership with the Lloyd’s insurance market, the MIS team has developed a unique dashboard.  It presents the best information to support insurance teams in handling any affected class of business.

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