Operational Intelligence, an essential tool for the “New Normal”

I think we are all wondering when things will improve, when things will get back to normal and what that “new normal” will look like.  Most of us agree that the new normal won’t look like the old normal.

Operational Intelligence Solutions deliver insight into an organization’s operations, providing both a broad view of networks and detailed up-to-date information.  It integrates multiple events and data sources, delivering complex information in easy to understand dashboards that drive decision making and immediate action.  Operational Intelligence Solutions are an answer to many of the uncertainties brought about by the Coronavirus and a “new normal” where things will need to be done remotely and with fewer resources.

The Value of Operational Intelligence in the “New Normal”:

  • Improve efficiency and lower costs.  Operational Intelligence provides a view of your entire network as well as detailed information.  It provides real time actionable information that drives decisions.  For example, an organization that operates a network of wastewater pipes can view the entire operation and pin-point those sections that have a high likelihood of failure.  This allows the organization to direct operations crews to the most important areas, with less time and money spent on inspection activities. 
  • Get more done remotely.   Operational Intelligence aggregates multiple data sources and delivers insight from the field directly to the desk, making the time spent in the field more productive.  For example, the experts at Colorado State University expect an above average 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season.  If any of those hit landfall, insurance companies will need to process claims with fewer adjusters available and claims processors potentially working from home.  Operational Intelligence provides timely post-disaster information helping to direct adjusters to high priority locations or even processing claims directly from the desk.

Operational Intelligence Solutions are positioned to be a key tool for running organizations in the new normal.  These solutions will help tackle near term challenges for remote operations as well as organizations operating with fewer resources.  They are also an important part of positioning for the future, helping organizations navigate uncertainty and preparing for times that require flexibility and a new approach to doing business.