What is Operational Intelligence?

At 10 Mile Solutions, we deliver Operational Intelligence Solutions.  We focus on providing solutions to our customers that improve operational efficiency, reduce risk and lower costs.  This all begs the question, What is Operational Intelligence?

Business Perspective:

From a business perspective, operational intelligence has been around for quite a while, with Ventana Research getting credit for coining the term when they opened an Operational Intelligence Business Unit in June 2006. 

Operational Intelligence covers a lot of topics in the business world, but a few key requirements include:

  • Integrating multiple events and data sources (it’s all about big data)
  • Providing timely (or near real time) information to reduce latency in awareness, evaluation and management of changes that impact organizational operations
  • Delivering complex information in easy to understand dashboards to drive decision making and immediate action

Wikipedia sums it up quite nicely. The purpose of Operational Intelligence is to monitor operational activities; identify and detect situations relating to inefficiencies, opportunities and threats; and provide operational solutions.

Military Perspective:

The military has also been using the term Operational Intelligence for some time.  Slightly paraphrased from Joint Publication 2-0 (October 2013), Operational Intelligence provides relevant, timely, and accurate intelligence relating to the accomplishment of major operation objectives.  Interestingly, this same publication discusses the role of Operational Intelligence in monitoring natural or man-made disasters and catastrophes (a solution that 10 Mile will be offering in the near future for insurance companies). 

Operational Intelligence is not…

People often confuse Operational Intelligence with other business tools:

  • Unlike business intelligence (BI) which provides historical data for analysis,  Operational Intelligence uses timely data to detect the current state of events and analyzes them against expected states to drive critical decision making.
  • Unlike business activity monitoring (BAM) which provides alerts when required, Operational Intelligence embeds intelligence into workflows that help users determine the most appropriate response in their operations.

10 Mile Solutions Perspective:

When we talk about Operational Intelligence Solutions at 10 Mile, it is all about improving the way our customers conduct their operations.  Our solutions integrate and analyze multiple sources of data from disparate locations to better understand the current situation on the ground, and to support smarter decision making in time to maximize impact. We help organizations gain real-time visibility through dashboards so that immediate action can be taken.

Operational intelligence applies the benefits of real-time analytics, alerts, and actions to a broad spectrum of use cases across multiple industries.